Friday, May 27, 2005

OK, I'm chatty today...

But I think I'm taking the next few days off for the holidays.

I had a little adventure yesterday... and I sent Steve an email about it. Now, for those who travel, I've got ask: do you WANT to hear about problems at home when you are on the road? Or would you rather wait and hear it about it when you're home, but well after the fact?

Ok, let me give you the details.

I walked the dogs around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, came home, walked them up the right hand side of the car, through the garage and into the house. Then I gathered up all the indoor trash, carried it out to the cans, and started taking them out to the curb for collection today.

There, between my car's left back tire and the front shrub bed was a juvenile rattle snake. It wasn't moving much; infact I rolled the trash can over it and it still didn't move. At that point, I figured it was a good gopher snake. But I looked closely and it definately was a rattler.

I called the fire department, and the whole bunch came out (big fire truck, little pick up truck, and fire chief). The chief thought he would be lecturing me on how to tell the difference between the gopher snake he thought I had and a rattler. Then he confirmed my identified. And 2 other firemen killed it with shovel. And threw it into my garbage can.

Now I wrote Steve when everything was done. I was unharmed, the dogs were safe. All the have as way of memory are some blood stains on the driveway. He answered back asking me a bunch of detailed questioned...

So if your hubby or kid had had my experience... would you have wanted to know?

BTW, I think my neighbor's young adult son stole the snake out of my garbage. Why??? Who knows.


Rayna said...

Yes, I would want to hear the story if I were away and my family had your experience with a snake. But I wouldn't ask for details. I HATE details. I would just want the story for the entertainment value. But my husband would probably want to know how long the snake was and other boring stuff.
Those are the ISTJs of the world - I'll bet your husband is an ISTJ.

Gerrie said...

dar, my problem is - where there is one juvenile rattler, there are probably more - eek! My husband is an intj and he would have reacted just like yours - Rayna is probably right!

Caitlin said...

I'm with gerrie - if there's a baby snake, WHERE'S THE MOMMA??? EEEK!

And now, for some mindless noisy entertainment , with small snake element, have a look at