Friday, May 06, 2005

I understand now.

I WILL sign up for that class. It just sounds so fun.

I will NOT sign up for that class right now. I've just spent too much money on 2 pairs of new glasses, an oil change for my car, and other life necessities. I need to wait until the billing cycle of my credit card to sign up. I also want to wait until I get my membership information back from joining this group.

So the fear I was feeling wasn't fear about the activity, or even fear about the cost (i just figured it out... it's $150 for 30 hours instruction and a possible additional 30 hours of open studio time... that's SO INEXPENSIVE.). It's just the timing.

So you can all relax and wait for the show and tell.

1 comment:

Deb R said...

Whew! Glad we don't have to smack you again. I broke a nail the last time. :-D