Friday, May 20, 2005

Blogroll. Is it working for you???

OK, if anyone wants to tell me why blogroll isn't updating most people's blogs... I'd truly appreciate it. It keep telling me that almost nobody has updated since Monday. Then I click on their blogs, and there are all these new things.

And, NO.... the regional theater hasn't done Mama Mia yet... nor Wicked. But if a good regional theater near you is ever doing CHILDREN OF EDEN... don't hesitate to see it.


Karoda said...

I've been disappointed with blogroll since I put it in...I no longer depend on the updates notice, but just keep it to conveniently go to other blogs.

Carol Logan Newbill said...

Blogger itself has been goobered up today. Every time I click on a link, it says that the blog does not exist. Hit the back button, click on the link again, and there it is.


I still can't get to Mrs. Mel's comments.