Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Router problems...

We are wireless in the Roby household. We have a DSL modem and a nifty Linksys router that's run through a donated old computer running Windows ME. And we were having a problem.

The modem, it works perfectly. If I plug a computer right into the modem, I can connect. Wirelessly, our network didn't exist. And hasn't, we think, for over a month. I called Earthlink, and they direct me to attach the server and type an address into the computer.

The address wants a user name and password. And NONE of my passwords work. And I never remember using any unique password... if I did, I would have written it down.

In the meantime... our new neighbors are also wireless. And they (bless their soulds) opted not to password lock their system. So I have been using it without their knowledge. I will really need to make them a nice surprise present for unknowingly helping me out.

Yesterday I finally got through to a live person by phone. After being switched twice, I connected with someone who helped me out. The password I needed to enter? admin. Now why didn't the FIRST tech support guy tell me that??

After entering the mystery password, Adrian (not his real name, unless Adrian is a popular name in India) walked me through the steps to get my router back on line.

And I'm comforted knowing that our neighbors are always an acceptable fallback.


Carol Logan Newbill said...

The first time I hooked up the wireless card to my laptop and saw that I had a choice of three networks to connect to, I was really confused. Especially since the other two were named "Shades" and "Forest" and the name of our subdivision is Forest Brook, with a couple of Shades street names thrown in for good measure. It took a while for me to figure out that a neighbor (or two) had wireless networks going as well.


And for those of you who live in the eastern US, I noticed today that Krystal has free wireless hot spots in all their restaurants.

Anonymous said...

My son can connect into his local police department network. Amazingly they don't have their connection password protected.