Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Steve is on his way to Chicago for the rest of the week. At first I was not happy that he booked this trip without first asking me if I wanted to join him. I imagined myself hopping on the "el" and heading downtown, to walk around the museums and revel in the architecture. Not to be.

But Steve explained that he's working in Aurora a good bit west of the airport and it's kind not convenient to much of anything. I probably would have been stuck out there not having much fun.

Today I'm heading up to Santa Rosa to attend a gathering of Gerrie's mini group.

When I get home, I need to finish quilting eucalyptus. I've got an idea for the next piece that I really want to get to work on (OK, actually I have started doing some hand work on one part). Ya know how it is... something isn't quite done (but past the real challenges part), and you're eager to get on to the next exciting thing.

And walk the dogs (though not nearly as fun a walk as Pt. Isobel is).

Then get set up to do some serious fabric painting on Wednesday.


Diane said...

Oh, Heck! I can't be at the Pointless Sisters today and won't get to meet you! Hope you'll come again so I can meet you in person!

teri springer said...

Trust me....going to your group is a whole lot more interesting than Aurora. Tho, Naperville is more-or-less next door and there is a LOT of cool stuff there.