Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday ToDo

1. Oh, Poo!! This is housework Wednesday. It's stinky, I know, but the agreement is I take the place of the housecleaner we used to have and I get to keep what I paid her. Three and a half hours every other week. And this is Housework Wednesday. So, 8 am to 11:30 am is housecleaning. D could do 2 bathrooms, the bedroom, the kitchen and the first floor living space completely in this time. I usually don't get that much done.. but most of it.

Anyway, yesterday I bought myself an MP3 player, so I can slip that on and listen to Ngaio Marsh while I work.

2. My new glasses are ready for pickup, so if it's not raining (oh, did I mention IT'S STILL RAINING!!???!!), I'll walk the dogs at Hilltop, then let them rest up while I get my new glasses. (there may be pictures later. then again, there may not).

3. home to continue the quilting on euc. for a couple hours.

4. We are season ticket holders for a regional theater, and tonight is second play this year. Although they usually produce great musicals and comedies, tonight is a real drama: Judgement at Nuremburg. It's gotten good reviews. Supper out first.


Sonji Hunt said...

I like that deal. Clean and keep the money! I just clean and say thank goodness I'm done.

Karoda said...

clean????????? huh??!??

Gerrie said...

I'm with Karoda! My husband said he would do the cleaning after he retired. for awhile he did a pretty good job. I had to point out some ways he has been slacking yesterday and he got in a snit. But He asked for it - this is not my choice!!

Bellaquilter said...

Who Ngiao Marsh?

Debra said...

Ngaio Marsh is a contemporary mystery writer of Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. Her best known character is Inspector Allyn (which was a PBS Mystery series for a short while).

One of the classic Dames of classic mystery.