Monday, May 23, 2005

Ok, taking a picture of the actually gear/feather quilting wasn't working. So I drew it out. Posted by Hello

In the traditional feather, you begin at the bottom, curve the spine upward, and make the feathers. The feathers either are shaped like ears, 1/2 hearts, or little fingers. They might be large or small... and all those differences tend to make each person's unique. After a while, your shape is stuck... and it's hard to make it finer, or larger or more or less elegant.

Anyway, I started the "gear/feather" similar to the stuff on the right: trying to keep the angle of the gear/feather perpendicular to the spine. It's hard to do, and require a lot of manipulating the fabric. Plus it just ended up looking a bit sloppy.

My new and improved gear/feather is made with the undulating spine. Then the gears are all drawn as straight lines perpendicular to the lines of the quilt. I use the edge of darning foot to make sure things are fairly straight. But, because I really like the look, I didn't try to make the gear/feathers all the same size and shape. The only requirement was that they had to have that very perpendicular look. Sorry that the picture seems so light.


1. Dub a tape of THE LADY AND THE UNICORN for Cathy in Colorado. Think about going to the library and finding some classical and JP Sousa cds to dub for Steve. (all his CDs and the changer were stolen from his car). I know, violation of copyright and all that. but screw it.

2. Get glasses adjusted/pick up 2nd pair. These are cute but they don't fit right. And my right ear is sore.

3. Continue quilting on Euc. Please try to finish this quilting up today.

4. Greek salad and tiropitas for supper if it's hot. Stuffed peppers and a side salad if it's not.

5. The dogs need a good swim. Check the tide chart and head down to Pt. Isobel if the timing works. Take pictures so everyone on the blogring can show them to their dogs and make them jealous.

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Liz said...

I really like this pattern, Deb - a good adaptation of a traditional pattern. I've never yet tried doing this with quilting patterns but it's something Lily Kerns talked about in the Journal Quilts class on QU - using existing patterns as a starting point for your own design - yours has reminded me to have a go!