Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Linking to Creativity

My computer is back home. HP had to replace the defective fan (a common issue for HP laptops), and the fried mother board. Fortunately, my hard drive is was in tact. (exhales breathe I'd been holding for 2 weeks).

Using a borrowed computer meant it was always easy to save/share websites, but that doesn't mean I didn't find them:

Are you reading Creativity Prompt? This blog provides memes, writing themes, and journal making instructions to encourage you to "seduce your creativity." I like the early post on making your own hard-bound journal.

Live in the bay area? There is new fabric store in the city: WhizBang Fabrics.

Also, The Church of Craft is re-organizing, and has found a new home: Rock, Paper, Scissors Collective in Oakland. I haven't made it down to this place, yet, but a trip is definitely in my future.

Check out the inspiring winners of the 2008 World of Wearable Arts.

I LOVE A Little Hut's 3-D Trees made from junk mail.

Finally, Goody-Goody has a fast little project for a fabric covered bead bracelet These are a great way to use scraps of binding!

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