Monday, December 15, 2008

It's the time of year for introspection and stuff which led me to:

If I Rules The World (Earworm of song for an additional cost):

1. Nobody would be hungry. Food production and distribution would allow everyone to have sufficient healthy food every day.

2. Fast Food Junk Nation would not exist. (I know at the moment it's a choice people make; a choice that is killing them. A choice they don't believe they can't not make. I believe otherwise). I'm not saying there would be no junk food, I thoroughly indulge in Fried Chicken or a donut once in while. I even eat a whole a bag of potato chips. Just don't do it often or believe that when I'm doing it it's a meal. Or good for me.

3. Nobody would be thirsty. There would be clean water for everyone.

4. Each person would recognize their worth to society as a whole and would contribute however best they could.

5. Each person would have a safe, dry, comfortable place to live. It might be that not everyone would live in McMansions, but everyone would have at least a room of their own.

6. Creative endeavors would be encouraged from an early age. We are all creative. We may not all be artists, sculptors, or writers but we are all creative. These practices should be fostered to continue throughout one's lifetime.

7. Laughing should come easy.

8. People should be able to choose working at what they love and great passion for and working longer hours. Or working a mind-numbing job they can leave without another thought, but working much fewer hours. This would enabling the worker to go on and participate in their passionate activities in the increased free time.

9. Music, art, science, math, sports would all be valued in our education process and in our daily lives. The well-rounded soul would be encouraged.

10. Celebrities would those individuals who exhibited the greatness of the human race. Today's "pop celebs" would be more the

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