Sunday, August 17, 2008

Like a 2x4 To My Soul

Sunset over SanPablo Bay, Aug 14 2008
Sunset Over San Pablo Bay, 8/14/08.

I was reading a piece somewhere about our astrological signs and our creativity. While it all seemed true, aren't these things written to sound true?

Creativity is giving birth to your unique vision. It's expressing truths, filtering these truths through your perception and sharing these with the world.

Ultimately, being creative (in some manner) means realizing your full potential and manifesting the life of your dreams.

yada, yada, yada.

So for me, I need a space that clean and uncluttered (gee, no wonder I walk into my studio and immediately run out).

I tend to analyze my emotions instead of feeling them. Breathe deep and simply feel. (yeah.. that's an easy one... but OK, I'll work on it).

And then I hit this passage:

Like the Crab who periodically sheds her shell, your creative risk is to let go of what you have outgrown n order to move toward what you really want. When you hold on to anything that has outlived its purpose - beliefs, possessions, habits, jobs, relationships - your creativity suffers. Your acute intuition tells you when it's time to let go. Although you may fear losing security and safety by releasing the old, the creative energy that rushes in when you take that risk actually provides greater internal security in the long run.


I have been hanging on to LOTS of things that I've outgrown: fabrics and materials, ideas of who I am as a creative spirit, my habitualize living, and several relationships. There is a lot there that can be blocking my creativity.

No wonder I feel my soul stir and it quickly seems to be buried beneath a heavy weight. I need to let go of so much. I need to make room for good things to come into my life. I need breathing room and the time to sit and breathe.

This is going to be a journey. Do you want to follow me through it?

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