Thursday, January 22, 2009

Confessions of Craft Bloggers

One thing I've come to expect when reading crafting blogs, is openness and honesty from the bloggers. Sometimes the honesty is sad, occasionally it's hard to read, and sometimes it just plain silly. I love these takes of other people's lives examined.

Cheeky Beaks tells us the truth:
My workspace... I have thought about showing my area all clean and tidy. But let's be real - that won't happen so quickly. After listening to another crafty podcast on Craftsanity where the blogger chatted about people not being real and only showing the clean snippets of life in their photos and text. Or only sharing the good times and not the bad, I thought it was about time I 'fess up.
Art Junk Girl is reexamining her work and describing growing pains:
Ok, so, yesterday, it occurred to me that I must be going through a growing pain again. Something inside is telling me to stretch. Lately I've been sketching and doing things in which I feel like I am a fish out of water. I painted on a collaged canvas, I sketched, I used a new journal to make character's in. I looked at all of it and thought, this is CRAP! And you know what? It is. But that is OK, because I am growing. I am learning. I am stretching. It's like exercising while being "out of shape". It takes time to built up stamina, skill, etc. You have to make lots of mistakes. You have to make ugly stuff to find what you like to make that is beautiful.
Apron Thrift Girl share a little honesty:
I need balance and focus to be a part of my life. And if you are up for it, I hope to share my path with you as I take this journey. If you are a scanner, I imagine your path might be similar.
Sometimes the confessions are just plain silly:

Betz White has been been having Glue Gun Fun:
After gettin' jiggy with the glue gun last week, nothing around here is safe from being ribbon-ized or trim-ificated. How 'bout clothes pins?!

I've mentioned this before, but I love having a clothes line in my
studio space over my sewing machine and/or drawing table. I clip all
kinds of things up there like magazine pages, swatches, parts of
projects I'm working on, etc. When I was tidying up the space last week I got to thinking about jazzing up those clothes pins with ribbon scraps.
Finally, in the fun that is meme, Girl is Crafty participated in the 30 things meme.

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