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Gauntlets: 2.5 hours

Gauntlets: 2.5 hours
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My last pair of fingerless gloves (or gauntlets) took me nearly a month to knit. They were fingering weight yarn and #1 needles (very small). Last night I started a second pair with an Extra Chunky yarn and #13 needles.

Ya think size doesn't matter? I finished the pair in about 2.5 hours.

Siel asked for the pattern for these. So I'm going to show you all how "improvisational" I get with my knitting. It will not be shocking to those who've worked any craft project with me, but the rest of you, enjoy:

For the chunky gauntlets, I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn and size 13 needles straight needles.

I cast on 17 stitches. Experiment. Some odd number that fits comfortably around your knuckles but not too loose.

Row 1: k1, p1 across
Row 2: p1,k1 across
Row 3: repeat row one.

Row 4: k across
Row 5: repeat Row One.

Repeat 4, 5 until piece is long enough to reach from below wrist to first knuckle on thumb. (for me this was 14 rows total.). End with a Row 4.

Next row: Add Thumb hole, casting off. Determine center stitch of piece plus two stitches on either side. Continue pattern (k1,p1) until you reach that first stitch. For mine, I k,p'ed for 7 stitches. Bind off the next 3 stitches. Continue pattern to end of row.

Next row: Add Thumb hole, casting on. Knit the worked stitches until you come to the gap. Cast on 3 stitches. (I turned work to other side and did 3 knit-wise cast ons. It's not pretty but it works). Continue pattern to end of row. Anyone who can suggest a better method of casting on, I'd appreciate it.

Next row: k1,p1 to end of row. 17 stitches again.

Continue pattern until the gauntlet is long enough to cover first knuckles on your hand. For me, that was 7 rows.

Cast off. With last stitch, cut yarn leaving a long tail. Slip yarn through last stitch and pull tight, then using a tapestry needle sew the side closed. Weave in loose ends. Repeat for 2nd gauntlet and wear.

Any questions, email me, but its really simple.

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