Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Crafty Blogs Finds

Time again to visit some new-ish -or new to me- blogs rolling through the blogrolls.

Have you found the funny or slightly sad Craft Fail? It's the blog where you can be honest about a craft project you've done that just didn't work out right? Have a knitting nightmare-you can share it people who truly understand. Experimented with using food dye on clothing? Really, they'll understand. Founder Kim Werker even shared her first knitted sweater:
This is the first sweater I ever knit, clearly not to completion. Why not to completion? Because after I assembled the first sleeve and started on the second and then tried on the sweater, I discovered to my horror that the thing weighs as much as a knee-length coat and is hotter than Phoenix in August.
CraftLeftovers is described as Resourceful Crafting for Creative Folks. Posts are discussions, tutorials, and promised interviews. I was fascinated by a post on crochet done directly on a painting:
I’ve been overly fascinated by crochet lately and have started to use it more and more in my paintings. I’ve working on this particular piece and while I want the crochet to be flat across the painting I do not want a lot of tension on the sides of the painting (it’s on museum board and would warp badly over time). Starching seems to be the obvious answer. Well how will I do that when it’s crocheted directly to the painting? I don’t want to destroy/alter/contort the painting. And I also want to preserve the sense of the crochet organically growing out from the forms in the painting. Luckily there are many ways to starch a crocheted item and not all of them involve dipping and squeezing and pinning flat - although if possible that is the best way to go.
Monaluna is a fabric designer by trade. Her blog is a taste of gardening, cooking, crafting and design. In Hot off the Singer she shared a recently made tablecloth using fabric she'd designed.

Somewhere there's a mid-century home filled with babies and crafting. That home is the center of Kristena's Thimbly Things. She shared her score of patterns:
When I came home Friday and showed Evan my $4 worth of plunder, he laughed at me. I had somehow managed to get a Lizzie McGuire pattern and 3 Project Runway patterns. And Evan was quite certain this was related to my obsession with Project Runway.
Kim Guymon writes ScrapBizness about the business of scrap booking and paper crafts. Recently she wrote her cardinal rule of getting personal in business:
Never say anything that would emotionally wound you if it got thrown back in your face in a mocking or "mean girl" kind of way. That means, it's okay to talk about how lame your computer or gardening skills are. Or, how you don't like cats or can't stand pizza. If someone mocked you for those "qualities", who cares? But, what if you dump your soul about your fertility problems or weight issues? If people turned on you about those topics, it would cut like a knife and hurt very bad. There are plenty of people ready and willing to do that - especially on the internet where anonymity is acceptable.

I also blog at: Weight for Deb and BlogHer on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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