Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot By BlogHer-week

I half-heartedly committed to the Hot By BlogHer plan. Yes, I'm admitting it was half-hearted. Other half-hearted commits have included NaBloPoMo. It takes long enough for me to commit to something - and make it part of my psyche - that I have no hope of succeeding in things when I'm not fully committed.

Yet I continue to try and convince myself that I can make improvements by making half-hearted commitments. Setting myself up for disappointment. Proving myself wrong (right?).

Last week I managed to meet the personal goals of HBB: practice random acts of kindness every single day. Ok. some of them were not so random. In the original context, random acts were the ones where you could not know the recipient and they would not know you. Hence the leaving coupons in the grocery store or paying tolls of cars behind you. You never knew who they were; they most they could know about you was maybe your car's make and license number.

Many of my acts this week were with people I know. Some were with people who at least might recognize my face. Only 1 was truly "random". But I'm counting them all.

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