Friday, May 29, 2009

Craft Show Weekend

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Last week, I talked about the type of quilt shows available this year. A different type of show you also might wish to attend is one of the many craft shows. Where quilt and stitchery shows are primarily about displaying members work, craft shows are mainly about small crafty vendors plying their wares.

ellebee {studio} calls the application process craft insanity:
in a fit of psychotic optimism, i filled out applications for four craft shows today {and another two will be going out as soon as the applications are available online}. . . .i have always wanted to have a real show “schedule” and this is the first time i’ll be doing more than two in a 3 or 4 month time frame.
I am attending one of the biggest mash-ups of craft show, technology, diy, music and art you can experience: Maker Faire, 09. (Look for my wrap up Wednesday.) I'm hoping to meet up with Crafty Pod's Diane Gillaland; The Crafty Chica and her daughter, Maya; the crew from ThreadBanger (how I wish I were there on Sunday for their Twitter Scavanger Hunt) and more!

The Indie Fixx will be attending Philadelphia's Art Star Craft Bazaar this weekend. She shares the vendors she's looking forward to seeing in person. Sharing this technique, the Baltimore Etsy Street Team is also heading up to this show.

Another Baltimore crafty group -the Charm City Craft Mafia - is heading off to Silver Springs Sunday for Handmade Mart. Crafty Bastard's Tina Seamonster will be there, too.

If you're further south than the mid-Atlantic region, you might want to check out the Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta, GA.
Lorigami will be there, along Glue And Glitter. Some Art Talk screened advertising bags to take along with her.

Laura Jane of JaneWear jewelry wrote a number of hints for the person working a craft show:

Getting to the show and setting up is only half the battle. There’s so much more involved in making this show your best show.

I should first tell you that, unless absolutely unavoidable, you should never take on selling at a craft show by yourself. While shows can be exciting and profitable, they can also be physically and emotionally exhausting.

… it’s important to bring along someone to help you work the booth and deal with customers…

…realize that your booth will be unmanned for a certain amount of time. If you must walk away – even for a short time, try to get one of the neighboring booths to help you out.

…see what other vendors are offering and what they are charging. Ask them about their work…

Wondering what shows may be running in your area? CraftShocker lists the indie craft shows every week.

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