Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boring You With #GSD

I've been a bad, bad blogger I know. My life seems centered in repetative daily tasks that I can't believe would be interesting, and while I search my day and life for things to share, they do not come.

I've had this blog so long that I think you've heard it all.

Today I declared a Get Shit Done (or Just Do It) day with the goal of cleaning of my first floor. Some level more than a quick run through, but less than a knock-down, drag out Spring/Fall cleaning. So I'll bore you with details of this day. Think of this as live-blogging a life.

#1. List of tasks: Clean first floor: vacuum, dust, mop, declutter. Clean bathroom, declutter laundry room. Prep healthy foods for 3 days, make up calendar for July, write workouts for week, write BlogHer post, walk dogs. Drink a gallon of water (it's hot). #gsd #justdoit

#2. LOL as I read my Twitterscope for the day:
There may be more stuffed into your day today than you can actually handle, but that may not keep you from trying. It would be easier to get more done if you stopped long enough to make a practical plan. Flying by the seat of your pants sometimes works for you, but now it's a frivolity you cannot afford. Be realistic and get your schedule back to a manageable level of activity.
#3. Finished vacuuming. Now I am really a top-down cleaner - which means that vacuuming should be the very last task of the day. However, my house was covered with shed dog fur which distracted me from seeing anything else. So I gave the first floor a good vacuum now, and I'll likely give it another vacuum when I'm done.

#4. Dust/polish. This was my favorite chore as a kid. I loved pouring the polish on the wood and bringing it to a shine. I loved the lemon smell. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished. Not any more.

Dusting bookcases is a major PIA! Moving items, dusting them, then putting them back in place? Whose idea was this?

#5. Declutter. Every once in a while it a good thing to take a surface down to nothing then decide what needs to be there and what needs to be thrown away or put away. Returns a sense of calm and order to a place. Why does it only last a matter of hours, though? (nature despises a vacuum?)

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