Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Quick Tutorials

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Ask a crafty blogger what might get her/him to explore beyond the comfortable friendly blogs that one has set up on a feedreader. I'm willing to bet that the first thing to get us clicking out of our "comfort zone" will be a great tutorial. At least, I'll admit, that is the case for me.

With that in mind, I ventured out to seek the charming project, the well-thought-out process, the compelling photos that might make you, too, click through to find a project that intrigues you and perhaps a new blog to follow:

Summertime is all about tank tops and sun dresses, which, when you're sewing them, means they are all facing the neckline and arm holes. This makes Indie House's Applying Bias Tape on Arm and Neck Holes the perfect tutorial to kick this round.  I was talking with friends just last week how the change in techniques from quilting to clothing often throws us for a loop.  This was the case here, too:
I got very confused when it came time to apply the bias tape. I was thinking of it like a quilt binding that had to be visible when in reality it doesn’t have to be visible at all.
Two different fabric and chain necklaces perfect for dressing up those sundresses and sleeveless tops:

Lillyella has been
swooning over the Candace Ang ruffle necklaces I've seen in magazines, but since I don't have $200 to drop (and you probably don't either), today's project is an easy way to make one for yourself! It's fast, you don't need much and the results are just beautiful.

While Jenny Ryan used Craftzine's HOW-TO TUESDAY to demostrate using fabric braided together to make a charming fabric scrap necklace.

Want to spend a day crafting something that will garner you lots of oooohs and ahhhs?  Urban Threads designed a hidden treasure trinket box.
This week’s project is all about inspiration, intrigue, and the love of finding something unexpected. It was inspired by many sources. First, I just couldn’t keep looking at all those fabulous Wonderland designs and not do anything with ‘em, and I thought it had to be something a little bit bookish. Second, I had long ago stumbled upon the fabulous blog of Dave Lowe and his awesome post on making creepy books. Finally, my long love of MacGyver and making awesome things out of everyday objects, like spy books you see in movies, resurfaced after watching too many episodes and espionage movies. So... what do all these things combine to make?

What we’re going to make, quite surprisingly, is the world’s coolest jewelry and trinket box, using all these ideas rolled together.
Finally, if you have find yourself craving something sweet, I think this summer's fast, sweet and oh-so-giftable might be Moda Fabric's Candy Buttons Quilt.  Use whimsical "sweet treats" of fat quarters -or find a suitable mix in your stash- applique circles to squares of crisp white and mark the intersection of these squares with yo-yos!  Raw edges on the applique means this top can be finished in a couple evenings time- or one day!  Perfect for taking to outdoor concerts in the park!

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