Thursday, July 09, 2009

So: To Pocket or Not To Pocket. That is THE QUESTION.

Whip-Up pointed me to this wonderful tutorial for making an "add on" pocket. Wonderfully useful thing, I thought. Particularly since manufacturers have stupidly stopped putting pockets in many pants. I NEED pant pockets. Or skirt pockets. Whatever I'm wearing on my bottom half had better come with some kind of storage option.

When I shared this link on Facebook, Dale Anne mentioned that she prefers her pants sans pockets. Which led me to wonder where she puts the few items I always look to pockets for: a kleenex, dog poop bags (empty of course), my cell phone, maybe a pedometer or mp3 player. Ah. She doesn't require said "always near" items.

trying to imagine a life where there is nothing I need/want to carry on my person for hours. Nope. Can't do it. I guess at heart I am a 6 year old boy.

So I ask the question: Do you find pockets a necessity in your life? If so, what do you need to carry in them? If not? How have you come to live without packing your life on your body? Do you always have a bag -or purse- nearby?

aside: this trend seemed to begin within weeks of the Project Runway episode where Michael Kors mentions that his clients do not like functional pant pockets because the pockets might add bulk to their appearance. I know this statement on a tv show could not be solely responsible. But I'm STILL blaming MK for manufacturers' lack of understand.

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