Thursday, October 11, 2007

BEFORE THAT: A Writing Exercise. Lady of Leisure

Flat Leaf

Intermittently spreading my hands over my keyboard. Letting the electronic impulses that are my thoughts send these impulses through my nerves and muscles, creating keystrokes which send electronic impulses through the phone lines, through the ether, through the earth to recreate my thoughts in a way that you the reader might recognize.

Now I am watching WE ARE MARSHALL. Crying and laughing and cheering and trying to remember what it was like then (I was a freshman in college). Totally unimaginable to cope with the loss that this town experienced and come back with such spirit.

Before that: downloading and processing pictures. Like Flat Leaf, above.

Before that: The gym. I tried, I really did, to observe other people working out around me. To note the mannerisms and gestures that set one apart from the other. The unique little moves. (it's a writing homework assignment). But do you know how hard it is to write longhand while you are walking up a 15% hill at 3.5 MPH? Trying to decipher my scribbles...

Before that: Returning. Four pairs of pants to Lands'End because they are simply too wide in the hips. They resembled jodphurs. And a box too many of deck screws to Home Depot.

Before that: Safeway's Eating Right Lemongrass Chicken for lunch with a large glass of water.

Before that: Loading the dogs into the car and heading the 2.5 miles down to the Pinole Creek trailhead. One and half mile walk at 3.5 miles an hour pace. Encountered: 11 humans, 6 dogs (one loose), 3 bikes, 2 strollers, one cellphone.

Before that: struck by arrangement of fallen leaves on our driveway, I grab my camera and finally start taking pictures again.

Before that: I was coping with a closet monster the best way possible.

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