Friday, October 05, 2007

Writing and Singing

Today was my first day of 6 week workshops on Writing Deeper and Singing for Pure Joy. Let me say: both classes were fabulous. I am so happy that I signed up for them.

The writing teacher gave us several exercises to do in class, and others to work on during the week. The intention is to write each day for atleast 15 minutes. I will share a number of these exercises on my two blogs during the weeks.

Our first warm-up exercise was: I Come From. The idea is write a personal, descriptive piece using the phrases: I Come From. I Come From. Once I Was. Now I Am. (in whatever natural pattern occurs in the writing). We had about 5 minutes. The italics phrases are really quite good.

I wrote:

I come from broken dreams and blue collar habits. I come rom peasant stock with a dash of noble blood. I come from burning rivers and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Once I was the sum total of hard work, now I am becoming the reward for working hard. I am the reckless child hanging from a limb. I am the wet-feet child playing in the stream. I come from innocence, now I am invunerable. I come from cold family, expectations and requirements. I come from defending myself against the world. Once I was scared and alone, unable to be touched. Now I am strong and accepting, able to hold the world. I come from You Must. I am coming to I Will.

This is a great exercise. There are so many ways to approach this exercise, so one could write it almost every day, yet write it totally differently.

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