Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BlogHer Notes: Good, Bad and Whatever

Things I Loved About BlogHer this year:

I could get there by BART. Walking the 2.5 blocks up Geary wasn't hard, and my whole transportation bill was about $10.

My room was one floor above the conference. I left my computer set up on the desk, and would just pop up there and check Twitter and email.

Free wifi (after the guy on the phone spelled the password).

A decadantly comfortable bed.

A bathtub longer than I am high.

Hugs and smiles and seeing folk I have seen in a while, or ever.

The Community Keynote Speech was worth the entire weekend.

Break-out Sessions! If the panel I was in wasn't what I expected, I just used the law of 2 feet, and headed over to the break-out session (bird of a feather, etc.). Didn't feel rude leaving or sliding into a panel at the half-way mark.

Playing Wii. Almost makes me want to buy one.

Laurie, Genie, Erin, Maria, Genie, Liz, Kaliya, Lisa, Kalyn, Virginia, Kerry, Shannon, Jane, Jane, Jane, Dana, Elizabeth, Catherine, Liz, Minnie, Liz and Minnie's Mom, Catherine's mom, Heather, and whoever I forgot.

Getting to wear my totally cute nearly sleeveless dress for an entire evening! Swirly-girly fun! I'm sure there's a pix of it somewhere.

The Less than Good

The ambient noise level. I must investigate noise-cancelling earphones before the next conference. Not only was it painful, but I could not hear most of the key notes because the constant chatter in the room drowned out the speakers.

The cold mezzanine floor (I mean it was chilly whenever I had to spend time there). I don't think they were ever successful at keeping it a temperature that was comfortable.

The carbo-pallooza catered food. The words protein or vegetable seldom crossed the caterer's lips. White flour, however, was in abundant supply.

Dropping my second Green-tini. It was delish.. and my last drink ticket.

Getting a frakkin' cold from the weekend.


I am just jaded, or was the swag just not that exciting this year? There was a lot of it, but was most of it worth bringing home? I think not.

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