Friday, July 11, 2008

Linky Love

Crafting A Green World announced a new Carnival of Green Crafts. Want to host a round of the carnival? Let them know.

Dabbled kind of turned the tables and interviewed Sister Diane of CraftyPod.

Things I never knew: 163 Things You Can Compost.

Syperella photo-demoed a wonderful Shoe Re-fab!

Jen, from painted fish studio, used an Ikea Gronos lamp as the basis for a group pARTy. Each participant had two lamps, gel medium, and beautiful papers. The results are stunning. This was one of several "hacks" found via Ikea hacks.

That's Fit listed 5 supplements that may be right for you.

Bakerina give a recipe for the Cake For What Ails Ya. It includes a generous portion of cardemom, which some believe has great health benefits.

Dark Roasted Blend gave us perhaps TMI about geoducks.

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