Monday, September 29, 2008

Standing Strong

(believe it or not, I am close to returning to insane crafty goodness on this blog. Just a little longer...)

I am a strong person. I speak not about physical strength. When the chips are down, I am the one that people lean on; the one who doesn't crumble; the one who stands for the weak.

I am a strong person.

I do not know how much of this is a natural part of my personality and how much is a part of my environment. I have felt emotionally responsible for myself since I was a very small girl (ah the joys of child abuse! It makes you strong quick.) Still, my personality lends itself to being a strong reliable soul. A woman warrior.

A couple years ago, a young friend, himself a strong soul, mentioned a wish to me. He wished that there were times that the weak could pick up the burden for a while, be strong for him, let him - just for moment - be weak.

I stood beside him and wrapped an arm around him. I did not speak. The words I would have said might have hurt him more as the truth is:

We who are strong will NEVER TRUST another to be strong for us. The MOST we can hope for is that another strong soul will stand beside us, giving support, standing strong with us.

Today I'm standing strong. Come stand beside me.

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