Thursday, November 20, 2008

Linky Love Eleven

Almost a perfect alliteration.

I've spent a remarkable amount of time this week saving blog pages and webpages to my delicious page. All the the intention of eventually using these when I need help or inspiration on a crafty post. So I'm not going to say a whole lot about these links today.

Instead, simply enjoy:

1. KnitWiki explains the magic loop with links to other tutorials on doing it. Magic Loop is how I knit.

2. Holiday decorations are nicest when they're hand-made! Gingerbread Snowflakes's tutorial is based upon the Japanese Timari balls.

3. These were popular a few years ago, and continue to sought because of their obvious recycle/green element: How to make a juice-drink pouch purse.

4. Continue with the idea of green crafts, wouldn't a bunch of MomsGoGreen Coffee Sleeves sewn from scraps in your stash be great stocking stuffers/hostess gifts?

5. AllSorts Criss Cross Coasters would be another GREAT holiday hostess gift.

6. Consumer Craft offers a list of beading instructions. Useful all the time.

7. Whole Foods offers a number of recipes for great home-made holiday gifts.

8. One Pearl Button offered a tutorial on turning a cashmere sweater into long gloves and a cloche. If your best sweater has developed a small hole (darn moths!) this is a great way to save it.

9. On a different vein, how about making a DIY R-strap for your camera? I didn't know I wanted this until I saw it!

10. Little Hut wrote a fabulous tutorial on recycling your junk mail into charming paper trees. So beautiful

11. Thinking you'd like to try knitting socks this winter? Here is a basic sock pattern.

OK. So you do have favorite tutorial/instructional posts to share?

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