Friday, February 06, 2009

Hot Damn! The FB 25 Things MeMe

1. When I was 5, my older brother got a baseball bat, glove and hat for his birthday. He hated baseball and was terrible when they tried to get him to hit. I begged to try. Eventually my grandfather and dad let me hit with the warning I only got 3 strike outs. Hit the first 7 pitches before I got my first strike.

2. My grandfather, handing one of the hit balls back to my father, said -in wonder- can you imagine if she were a boy???

3. That was the first and last time my father played ball with us kids.

4. It was not the first nor last time I got the message in my own home that I was inferior because I was "the girl."

5. For 2 years when I was little, I dunked everything I ate in milk before I ate it. EVERYTHING. Except my veggies. Those I just didn't eat.

6. When I went to kindergarden, where the milk came in cartons, my mother asked how I dunked my food. I honestly told her that I sucked the milk up in my straw, then blew it onto my food.

7. I loved climbing trees. There was this maple tree in a neighbor's yard that I climbed at least once a week. I got higher than any other kid on the block.

8. I'm been thinking about that tree, and eyeing the trees around the me. Can grown ups climb trees? If I have 911 on my speed dial?

9. I was part of the alpha test group for new math in 1960? (before anyone talked about new math). For me it means I can understand set theory but I can't divide.

10. I also can't remember how to multiple most of the 7s, expecially the 6s and 8s.

11. And I have a floating decimal point. Off the top of my head, I might not remember if some number is a thousand, million, or millionth! Ok, I'm usually only off by one or two places.

12. I used to be able to "hear" harmonies as quickly as most people hear melodies.

13. I've lost that skill because of lack of practice, but I'm working on getting it back.

14. I was in southern Ohio at a yearbook camp (I know.. ??) when the Cuyahoga river caught fire.

15 I would do the family ironing on Saturday's. With 4 males, plus my mother working 60+ hours a week, I'd iron between 25 and 30 shirts a week.

16 Listening to college football games while ironing is how I learned about football.

17. I do not know how I learned about baseball, but I remember being a big fan of Luis Tiant during his rookie year. His delivery? Mesmerizing!

18. I LOVED reading Little Women when I was a young girl. I would imagine myself the 5th March girl.

19. Sometimes I still do.

20. I cannot curl my tongue.

21. I cannot whistle through my teeth. Or through 2 fingers.

22. I was 55 before I could touch my toes without really bending my knees.

23. I can't swim. I'm not sure I can even float.

24. I used to be able to program VCRs without reading the directions. I was a VCR savant.

25. The only Shakespearian soliloquy I remember is the one turned into a song in HAIR. Don't ask me which play (though I think it's King Lear)...

I am not going to tag anyone here to do this meme.. but if the spirit moves you please leave a note in comments to let me know and share...

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