Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vision Board

Vision Board, 2009

I have completed the major construction of my 2009 Vision board. The background was divided into 4 main sections which supported major themes in my life:

Living Healthy
Acting Fearlessly and Taking Risks
Building Stronger Relationships and Building a Family from Friends
Smile, And Work Toward a New Future

I drove up to Davis, CA, to see buds Leslie and Maria a couple weekends ago. We spent a Saturday working on our visions boards (inspired by my post in early January). I ran out of time before completing mine, and brought it home. Where it sat until today.

Finally I trimmed and glued the final saying down and hung this board in my bedroom where I can see it each morning as I wake up and each evening as I go to sleep.

Some of the elements:
Vision Board, Check Emotional Baggage

"Do They Check Emotional Baggage?" /Embrace/ Smile/Shake Up/ The Future According To...

An undefined photo of a fire escape going nowhere...
A large photo (in the bottom right corner) of friends hanging out and eating to symbolize my building family;
"The ARt of Uncontrolled Flight... IS FOR JOY"...

-a snippet of a Langston Hughes poem:
Sometimes when I'm lonely,
Don't know why;
Keep thinking I won't be lonely
Bye and bye...

Vision Board  The Future According To

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