Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Knitting Patterns Online

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Inspiration is one of the easiest things to find online. We bloggers share not only pictures of our projects, but their inspiration and sometimes the patterns (if they are original).

Over at Instructable, you can make a fun, felted chain-link necklace.
This is an easy project, fine for a beginning knitter who has knitted
in the round with double pointed needles. The only tricky part is
making sure you add the "links" as you go, sliding them and moving them
over your needles as you go.

For the past several years, the knit blogs have been filled with talk of the Clapotis, a scarf designed by Kate Gilbert.
It’s knit on the bias so the variegated yarn makes diagonal stripes and stitches are carefully dropped to make a pattern in the opposite direction. This creates a scarf which tends to be a little more of a parallelogram than a rectangle, but I promise, it’s nice that way.

Crazy Aunt Purl offers her Easy Roll-Brim Knit Hat Recipe. What's so great about this pattern?
The best part? Once you get The Formula, you can make hats all the time
with ANY yarn and NO PATTERN. This is my dream come true. Now if the
naked-rich-man-who-does-dishes dream would come true, I could die happy
Cookie A. designed the wonderfully Monkey Socks because:
the true driving force behind these socks was ADDICTION. There was no other way to get them off my back than to knit them.
These socks have a lacy pattern that looks to work well with variagated, solid, or hand-painted socks, but I think not self-striping yarn.

Black Sheep Bags offered a pattern for a knit and felted Booga Bag. Made with a self-striping yarn this looks like a great little bag for carrying a portable project.

Six Degrees Arts designed Easy Peasy Yoga-Pilates Socks!

The winter 2009 issue of The Anti-Craft features the wonderful Melusine shawl. This pattern, knit in Knit Picks Bare merino Wool/Silk Sock yarn, undyed, gives not only the pattern for knitting the lacy gorgeousness, but also for hand-painting the yarn pattern after the shawl is knit. The color possibilities that dyeing after construction offers are truly intriguing.

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