Monday, March 23, 2009

Crafting for Pets

Did you know that over two-thirds of American households claim a pet among the family members?  These animals look to us for food, shelter and comfort.  So while we're crafting fun things for the other family members, let's not forget the pets.

Cats can be entertained with simple felted cat toys -stuff them with catnip.  Many dogs love stuffed toys made with different textural fabrics.  My dogs can rip these toys open and unstuff them in a flash!  It's so much more thrifty to sew them quickly up myself.  These pet toys are easy enough that children old enough to yield a needle can make them.

Craftster recently highlighted a number of the brilliant pet crafts their members have made including small animals.  Click on a picture to be taken to the creator's post.

Craftster companion animals are not limited to dogs and cats. Plenty of small animals are receiving crafty love, from rats, to hedgehogs, to sugar gliders, and more. Each species has its own needs and preferences, and clever Craftsters have found ingenious ways to make projects that give their little friends the happy life and well-appointed living space they deserve.

bee hive guinea pig bed bunny tent chinchilla house
ferret monster bed ferret tent ferret monster hammock
rat condo rat hammock flower sugar glider

decided to share Pet Crafts too.  These included Susan Beal's Shrinky Dink Pet Tags, Dianne Gilleland's Duct Tape Pet Food Tray and Cal Patch's fabulous Recycled Dog Sweater.

Looking for additional inspiration?  If you're a knitter, check out Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible.  Nichole at Lapdog Creations reviewed this and thought:
is where knitting pattern book meets coffee table delight... and I adore it! This is one of those books that both knitters and non-knitting animal lovers will appreciate and find themselves flipping through again and again. Diana Miller's photography is exquisite, the models are beautiful and expressive, and the patterns uniquely fun.

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