Thursday, March 05, 2009

Crafty Podcasts: Listen to your Art...

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It happens every year at this time: while I run low on crafty inspiration, I also run low on time to read through the thousand of crafty blogs. I want thought and inspiration fed to me; I want it to fit into my schedule.

I want craft podcasts.

I still have my favorites; those podcasts that I check on throughout the year because I love them so:

Diane Gillaland's CraftyPod is one.  Each podcast is a talk on a specific topic -the latest one concerning Indie Crafters and the Craft Industry.

CraftSanity has kept me company during long cardio sessions at the gym.  In that way, she really has saved my sanity!  Interviews with different artists lets me learn so much about these individuals.

Other podcasts worth checking out:

Cast-On (knitting matters)by Brenda Dayne and Rebekkah Kerner. This quality podcast has been live since 2005!

Changelings Knit and Stitch
has gotten back to podcasting.  At the moment they are promoting a Victorian Bushfire Appeal to assist those effected by the Australian Wild Fires.

CraftBorg has fun vlogs now!  11of13 has made a reappearance after insane holiday knitting.

Recently Alison Lee of CraftCast went off to join the circus.  Well, she joined a circus training workout class.

CraftLit.  Always need to choose if you will settle in for some crafting or reading? Heather reads to you so you can get your craft on! Even when she is just talking to you, her voice is charming and inviting.

For the scrapbooker, Noell Hyman offers Paperclipping.  The complete podcasts are available only by membership however.

ScrapHappy is another scrapping podcast.  After travelling for a while, Lain is sharing some of her tips for scrapping on the road.

is currently talking ATCs.. and this month, she's focusing on flight.

HelloCraft tells the story of DIY crafters.

Annie's Quilting Stitch covers all things quilty.  This week, Annie broadcasts from Empty Spools Seminar in Asilomar, CA.

Are you interested in sewing?  Then SewForthNow is a podcast for you. And if you like your sewing a bit more on the DIY side, ThreadBanger will fit the bill.

Is there a crafty podcast that I missed?
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