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What Will Be New on Your Crafty Book Shelf?

Bookshelves are filling up with some of the newer offerings in crafty books. There are blog reviews, blog book tours happening. You don't want to miss this:

Weekend Sewing
Heather Ross's new book: Weekend Sewing has just been published. This book offers simple projects that the beginning sewer gain confidence and grow in techniques.
The clothing projects in Weekend Sewing are basic pieces. They are intended to walk you through your first sleeve, your first collar, your first zipper, your first buttonhole, your first bust dart. Once you've got the hang of things, you can change things around any way you like.
A fun 6 week blogbook tour is spreading the word and more. Each stop along the tour features something diffent.
LOG TOUR SCHEDULE (forgive the third person, I didn't write this! -h)

BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE (forgive the third person, I didn't write this! -h)2/26/09 The Purl Bee (Technically not part of the tour, but still, a beautiful article! Do check it out!)

3/9/09 Make, Grow, Gather: Interview with tales and pics of young Heather growing up in Vermont.

3/11/09 Heart Handmade A Day in the Life of Heather Ross.

3/12/09 Disdressed Q & A? Exposé? Find out!

3/13/09 Freshly Blended A fresh review of Heather and Weekend Sewing.

3/16/09 Whip-up: Illustrated sewing demo – learn fun tricks!

3/17/09 House on Hill Rd. Erin shows off her lovely finished projects, and asks Heather about her inspiration for each.

3/18/09 Belle Epoque Fit and style. Know what you sew, win a book! – Part 13/19/09 Right here on True Up! Fabric design - Process and inspiration - Part 1

3/20/09 Charm City Craft Mafia blog: Heather burns rubber heading to signings in DC and Baltimore, with the Charm City Craft Mafia in hot pursuit!

3/23/09 Philly Etsy Team blog On the road again…this time to a sewing weekend at Spool in Philly. The Street Team investigates, and throws the book at a lucky winner!3/25/09 Knotions Fit and style. Know what you sew, and win a book! – Part 2

3/26/09 Cathy of California Heather discusses her old school inspirations and aesthetic!

3/30/09 Wardrobe Re-fashion Spring into DIY fashion, win a book!

3/31/09 Thisisloveforever: Fabric design - Process and inspiration with fabric giveaway - Part 2

4/1/09 Craftypod Book review and giveaway…no April Fool’s joke!

4/7/09 Etsy’s The Storque How-Tuesday! Virtual project demo from the Etsy Headquarters.

Alabama Stitch

Several blogger friends recommended Alabama Stitch Book to me, and I'm glad I listened. Sewer/Sewist were attracted to Natalie Chanin's book because it has such a beautiful design. After closely reviewing the book, the conclusion was: Buy This Book.
The book walks you through all kinds of projects based around the idea of the ethos of the original Project Alabama (the author is quite clear that she’s no longer associated with Project Alabama in its current iteration). The idea is revitalizing the craft of working with cotton that used to be tremendously important in Alabama. As I’ve written about before, is something that’s really important to me, and I really salute Ms. Chanin (’cause I’m sure a shout-out from Sewer-Sewist is the one she’s been waiting for) for capturing the sewing and crafting heritage of her region. There’s a bit of everything related to this subject in the book—sourcing and reusing cotton jersey, beading, various appliqué techniques and complete projects that bring together many styles from the book.
I love that projects are based upon reusing materials we have in our own homes and also, all these projects are done with hand stitching. The slowing down of time and the steady meditative motion of hand stitching appeals to me a lot.

Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan

When the stitchin chicken picked up Sew Darn Cute, she almost left it on the table:
I almost passed it up. There are many books out there that have the same old, same old, just done in different fabric. Not so with Jenny Ryan’s new book. Out new this spring, Jenny has imagination and has come up with some really, well…..cute ideas!

Fabricate by Susan Wasinger

FabTalk examined Fabricate, the new book by Susan Wasinger, and explained the premise that Wasinger takes:
simple fabrics and turning them into “visual feasts” by using texture, color, design and patterns to create an item that is striking and unique. Using just a few carefully chosen materials, Wasinger guides her readers through a world of possibilities by playing with textures, layers and the surface design of fabric. There are four main lessons in this information-packed book: Pleats, Crinkles & Tufts; Laminates & Matrix; Cut & Fray; and Surface Embellishment. Each section instructs you on techniques by walking you through several projects using with clear, step-by-step instructions—with detailed photos of the processes as well.

The book is broken into 4 different parts: Pleats and Crinkles, Laminates, Cut and Fray, and Surface Embellishment. I haven't had a chance to examine this book myself, but I'll be on the lookout for it.

I read a blog for a while before I let myself trust a book review. I want to know if the blogger has similar taste and goals to me. After I trust a blogger, however, I use them as a touchstone when examining new offerings. One of my trusted crafty reviewers is Sister Diane -aka Diane Gilleland. And just in time for the spring offerings of new crafty books, she asks: What do you want in a craft book review?
1. How often do you read craft book reviews here?

2. What would you like to see more of in a craft book review?
(For example: a full list of the projects? Photos of the projects? Commentary on the quality of the instructions? Commentary on how the book fits into the current craft scene? A blog interview with the author? Comparisons with other similar books? Anything goes - what matters to you?)

3. What would you like to see less of in a craft book review?

4. Why do you read craft book reviews?
I'm curious too. What do you look for a craft book review? If the book is provided free of charge, does it matter? Should the blogger admit it off the batt? Should their be lots of pictures of inside pages? Do you want to hear the negative impressions or only the glowing points?

And what books are you eagerly awaiting adding to your bookshelf?

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