Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Bug-Of-The-Week

I think I've got the bug-of-the-week. It doesn't feel like a cold, which was confusing me into thinking it was just some simple food allergy. Now I'm not so sure. I'm not too uncomfortable for the moment, but I'll be good to myself and stay out of the gym until I feel 100%. Hmm... should I run into stores and spread the germy goodness, though? Or would that be mean just weeks before the holidays?

Symptoms: below average body temp., sense of chills, runny nose, chest congestion and slight nausea (though that could be from the darn running nose). I've heard so many people complaining of this with much more dramatic symptoms that I'm willing to accept that this is a bug and try to cut it short.

Fortunately, I know I have a whole chicken in the freezer. I see chicken soup in a bowl in about 4 hours. In the meantime. Zicam save me!

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