Thursday, November 08, 2007

Growth Matters, Clearing the Path

After reading an older post from Christine Kane last September, I invited a small group of friends to join me in plugging some of our energy drains. Most of us are working hard at organizing and decluttering our lives. There are a few reasons why I shouldn't bother about this as much (aren't there better ways to spend my time?) but one BIG reason why I should.

Let me explain:

I'll be working on something, having serious creative thoughts, when I need to move through the house. Maybe a trip to let a dog out, to the bathroom, or to answer the phone (yes, I do sometime!). I spot something that stops my important thought:
  • that plant really needs watering,
  • there is dog fur everywhere,
  • I wonder if that misplaced thing is in that pile there,
  • that needs to be worked on...
You know, the distracting thought. The "leak". My attention is drawn away from the important creative stuff for just that second, and suddenly the whole flow is gone. Maybe I get sucked back into the left-brain side, I don't know. But I know that the leaks are stopping me from moving forward.

You'd think I'd be enthusiastically moving forward on this step, since I've actually noticed the negative effects on me. I've been reading back through my archives and I'm ALWAYS saying that I need to get organized.

Instead, I've been encountering some resistance. Like Mack Truck-sized resistance.

Today I realized why.

If I take away my excuses for not working, for not getting things done, what happens if I'm STILL not productive? I often get stuck in a place of fear: afraid to go off the beaten path, afraid to risk myself, afraid more to succeed than to fail.

If I clear the path, there will be nothing to stop me except myself.

Funny thing is, I've learned this year that moving and taking action are the rights steps for me to change. After years of (also) saying "I want to lose these 10 pounds ...20 pounds ...30 pounds, ...40 pounds... I want to get strong so I can end this constant back pain, constant neck pain, constant pain... " this year I've done it.

I've learned how to be successful.

For the first time in my life.

So I'm giving myself some goals, some permission and some time limits. It's November. I will work on clearing the path for the rest of this year; I will deal with disorder and learn some of the skills I want to learn (like actually learning PhotoShop!) Action statements both. I won't beat myself up if I've don't tackle everything all at once. I've got almost 2 months. Baby steps, grrll, baby steps.

Where my major goal this year was to lose... my goal next year will be to grow. Kinda scary.. but I know I'm up to the challenge.

Now anyone have thoughts/solutions for the fellow housemates that don't "jump on the bus" of a decluttered environment?

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