Monday, November 05, 2007

Inordinately Pleased.

Princess Parallel
Katy is also pleased with my weekend insight and demonstrates the appropriate level of enthusiasm!

Today I am inordinately pleased with myself.

For the last two or more years, I have been writing these occasional how-tos. (I'm working my way through my archives, listing them on my side bar.) While these are not very difficult to do, I often find myself having just done an important step when I realize I've forgotten to take a picture of the process. (sigh).

That leaves me the choice. Sometimes I can undo what I've just done, repeat it, and take the durned picture. Often it means I must either accept the missing photo space or start the process all over just to get that shot. The odds that I'll forget another important shot in that process, too? High! Very frustrating!

This past week I realized that life would be easier if I'd actually write down the steps involved in a task and plan for when to take a photograph.

Think about it. In an amazing blash of frilliance, I just invented:

#1. The Outline. and

#2. The Story Board.

Decades after they were adopted by the general working populace! Excuse me while I chortle with glee.

I am so giddily pleased with this idea that I've noted several things I'd like to demonstrate and started writing their plans! Outlines and Storyboards Be Me! I've discovered this means I can:
  • take time to search for the appropriate internet links;
  • expand ideas by offering different alternatives;
  • make sure I have thought through all the tricky steps.
Like I said: I'm inordinately pleased!

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