Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Email and Wine Don't Mix

The Princess LazyBones
Katy Sleeping. About the only thing I should do after a glass of wine.

The other evening I made what could have been a major faux pas: I worked on several email projects after having a glass a wine. Hmm... drunk emailing! What an adventure.

I was writing notes to different groups of online friends. One small group was getting my rundown of Jen Lemon's post on BlogHer about online artist's galleries. These are just a couple folks that I figure won't just click through if I send the link and say THIS is something you want to check out and they don't regularly read the website. If you have any interest in places online to start your own art gallery, check her post. She recommends several interesting sites. the one that intrigues me the most is DripBook.

A second very small group was yammering about a potential weekend some-kind-of-camp. Kind of a crafty-vlogging pajama party. Since we're not talking local folk, this is mostly fantasy. But it was light-hearted fun.

I was keeping things straight (I think) when I received a notice that BlogHer had uploaded the first of four holiday food videos. Back in the end of September, I helped out on these shoots. I knew there were a couple people interested in just seeing these videos, so I opened another "conversation" in gmail and add these names (even though I'm not in them. They had to suffer hearing about the day. About that time, there were too many bouncing balls.

I was cutting and pasting notes from one place to another, checking online links and watching something on tv. (note to self: multi-tasking just means I'm doing several things poorly.) I wasn't paying close attention. I ended up sending folks more than I intended. So a person who I only intended to send the link to the video got the information on the online galleries; one of the fantasy-campers got the video link. A couple of the creative folk got some camp stuff, I think. It was a general unintended mash-up.

This is normally a big No-No. But something interesting happened: nobody complained about getting MORE than they expected. Nobody asked me why I thought they would care about subject x. In fact, I got a couple thank yous for sending information that was totally unexpected.

I want to hope that these folks were charmed that I thought more of them than the "in the box discussion" that we were having. Because the other explanation is that either they didn't read my email (oh, the vanity!) or they were totally intrigued by the thought of cooking a turkey upside.

Ya think??

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