Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Day At The Movies...

Well, not actually a day at the movies... more a day at a video shoot.

I have friends in high places with good connections who enjoy hanging out with me. (yeah, it still surprises me every time I realize it). Several of these cool folk were working on this (still secret) video shoot Friday, and realized it would help them to have an extra body hanging around; you know: the Go-Fer, the extra pair of hands, eyes or ears, the "assistant".

Guess who THAT was? Yep. Just call me Queen of Duct Tape!

It took a little finagling as the spouse was out of town, so I had to get someone to come in and let the dogs out. Also, I had to remember to get up at 5:15 am, and be driving the freeways of San Francisco at 6. I managed well enough to be the first folk there. Gorgeous secret shooting location.

Worked whatever needed to be done for a long day: we started setting up at 7 am. and closed the door on the shoot to head home at 8 pm. But I got to hang out with some terribly cool bloggers, eat food that isn't on my diet (hush!), and observe the behind the scenes of shooting a video. Not every day you can say that.

Things I learned:
1. Duct Tape is a good thing.
2. Duct Tape is a bad thing.
3. For video, looks matters.
4. You need both hot water and soap to get grease off dishes. (OK you two, stop laughing!)
5. A great make up artist is a GREAT asset.
6. I should have gone to hair stylist school in my free time.
7. Great knives are so much better than good knives.
8. Light is a blessing and curse. Depends on where and when it arrives.
9. "Shoot" food is normally simple carbs.
10. Being able to recall the visual organization of a space is an asset.
11. When in doubt, smile.
12. When others are in doubt, smile more.
13. Drink enough water.
14. I really need to work on my "maps as a metaphor for life" post.

When the videos are posted online, I'll let you know.

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