Saturday, September 08, 2007

Babbling about books: 40 Signs of Rain

I am not a scientist (a fact my husband will strongly agree with), but I love reading well-written work that has a scientific base. I may not push to hard to examine the theories in the text, I simply reading intelligent prose. One of the authors who I think does science well (for the smart but non-scientific) is Kim Stanley Robinson. And since the third book in his latest trilogy is out, I've given myself permission to start reading it.

Forty Signs of Rain
is a remarkably fast read given the introduction of various characters who will be around (I hope) for all three books. The book is primarily dealing with global warming and it's effects throughout the world. Sounds like a yawner, right?

It's not. That's what Robinson does best.

So far his book deals with the politics in Washington DC; the structure of the NSF; the intricate interplay between start-up research facilities and universities.

Still, there are Tibetan monks living on a flooding island off India and seeking assistance in the US.

There is a work-from-home dad who quite literally balances a toddler and political activism.

There is a scientist in love with game theory trying to find the woman of his dreams whom me met on a stuck elevator and rocked by Buddhist's lecture on science.

There is a mathematician-mother.

So when I'm not organizing my workroom, or researching an article for BlogHer, or (gosh) actually blogging, or walking the dogs, taking pictures, working out, or obsessing about the last month of regular season baseball, I'm reading this series.

And I suggest you read it too. If you like smart, engaging writing based only just into our own futures.

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