Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Creative Connections

Sign of Life #1 Signs of Life. Apparently, teens mourning the death of a feral cat they befriended. Something about this gives me hope. Weird, I know. I'll come back to this.

I was running through my BlogLines articles last week, when I saw that there was a new one up by Christine Kane. (I am a huge fan!) Went to read it, one of the "related readings" titles tickled my fancy, and I ended up at 17 Things I Know for Sure About Creativity. Go read it now, then come back and let me know which ones really speak to you.

For me (at the moment) its:

5. Creativity is Squiggley
8. Judgement Transmogrifies into Discernment When You're Creative.
14 - When you’re creating something, you really GET that all of the things that are supposed to matter so much don’t matter much at all.

I supposed I really have to add: 11. Blogging is creative.

When I'm "thinking like a blogger" I spend every minute of the day observing myself and my environment. Which moment will it be that defines today as special or unique? What is happening that it important? By observing I notice; by noticing I apply value and meaning; by applying value and meaning, I create.

Since I'm talking about a creative blog that has nothing to do with fiber, I'm going to point out two other fabulous creative blogs:

If you haven't already checked out keri smith's Wish Jar Journal, DO. Keri is a guerrilla artist in the nicest way possible. If you're bogged down with angst about creating, take any of her suggestions and she will cure you. (or you could become an accountant or something!)

Three years ago at Christmas, Elizabeth Perry could only draw stick figures. Then she was given a blank page journal, (I think grabbed her copy of Drawing On the Right Side Of Your Brain) and started sketching. She has posted a drawing every day since then at Wool Gathering.

I roomed one night with her at BlogHer06 and got to touch the actual journal. I don't think she quite understood the excitement of seeing the real thing over it's online representation, but that's OK. I was thrilled. (and she didn't even make me wear white gloves!)

For a glimpse of a brilliant and creative younger mind, you might want to check out Sarah Dopp's blog: Dopp Juice. Sarah is one of favorite folks: funny. open, energetic, and friggin' brilliant!! Her blog is all over the place, so simply admire the mind doing the work. She's much too young to be as talented as she is.

For myself, I'm in a "filling the well" stage. And a "moving on" stage in ways. Or "moving along"??

As long as I accept this, I'm happy exploring different creative expressions and attitudes. So I'll be taking a writing workshop and that singing workshop I mentioned last week. Becoming the explorer of expression.

I'm also considering starting a new group at Flickr called "Signs of Life". It would be similar to Good Graffiti in that it would any of the random and senseless acts that demonstrate that human beings still exist on this planet (along with all the animals in clothes who are fakin' it). The idea started perking when I saw the graffiti in the photo above. I'll write more about this soon, as I firm the idea up. In the meantime, keep your eye out for signs of life around you.

I also blog at: Deb's Daily Distractions and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.

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