Sunday, September 02, 2007

Finding the Chord...

OK. One perfectly free random thing about me that I haven't thought about in years: I used to a natural harmonizer. Before my first time through hearing a song, I could hear the harmony in the song. In bars and concerts, I'd be singing it. Probably in grocery stores, too.

It must have been an inborn trait. I could hear not just the melody but the entire chord. I could predict where the melody was going and know if the harmony should move with or against the tune. I understood and appreciated the complex harmonies of the Beach Boys later work or The Eagles tight 4 part harmonies. Don't even get me started on CSNY. I spent hours learning all the independant parts.

Anyone else recognize this?

Anyway, when music stopped being "musical".. with the spoken word of rap; with the electronically altered voices of pop; with music that often lacked complex instrumental arrangements or harmony at all, I quit listening to new music. Then, partly because of disagreements between the spouse and I about the style and volume of music, and partly for other reasons, I quit listening to music all together.

Those years of not listening had an unexpected effect: I lost my ear.

My ability to hear the cords has disappeared. And I've been trying to figure out how to find it again. Last week, I thought that the best way to redevelop my ear would be to try and find a way to get back to choral singing. Singing in a choir is all about chords and harmony. As an alto, it would be a guarantee that I'd at least be practicing harmony, I think. (and no, I'm not a member of a church, so don't suggest I join a church choir).

You know how they say that if ask for something specific the universe will try to provide it?

Happened again.

Last Friday I went to a luncheon that's held in a local "social/community" club. It was the first time I've actually been able to attend. The speaker was from the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute which is opening it's doors at UC Berkeley. They will be offering two classes on Fridays beginning in October (one following the other with a break in between):

Finding Your Voice: Writing Deeper which intrigues me no end. I wish to improve my blogging skills considerably and a course like this might move me along.

AND.... tada:

Singing For Pure Joy: Choral singing!! I'm hoping that this will be a start for me refinding my God-given talent of a harmonious ear.

Hoping soon I will once again be finding the chord.

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