Sunday, September 09, 2007

Invitation to Bloglandia Ball

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Bunsen. crossposted at BlogHer

Elizabeth Bunsen has sent out an invitation to an irresistable dance: The BlogLandia Ball.

The Date: September 26th (the full moon).

The Venue: Our Blogs

The Purpose:

Dancing, creativing and sharing.

The Dress:
now... about the "DRESS" (in any medium that suits you) - the dress wears YOU - your soul, your truest innermost SELF - fancy, casual, colorful, basic black... etc., - the "DRESS" is your personae at the Ball - BUT!!!!!!! - don't get hung up on these words - make something fun, surprise yourself, make several as your mood changes and the ideas flow... its not a contest but a co-mingling... together.
Who is already planning on attending?

Jungle Dream Pagoda has already chosen her stunning red dress...

Sunflower Wine's dress is a tribute to Sting's "Fields of Gold".

Calamity Kim is searching for her costume on Google Images.

Tinker Art hopes to find a fairy blogmother...

While Things and Stuff plays tribute with She Sachets with Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.

There is still plenty of time to design your own ball goddess. Will we see you there?

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