Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Way It Goes..

I have so many blog ideas started that one would think I would be spitting these things out like they were watermelon seeds! Unfortunately, there is this gap between fabulous concept and brilliant shiny words. I'm working on it.


1. How LIFE is a lot like driving from a map. This one came to me driving home from BarCampBlock, which was what? a month ago? It's still stewing.

2. Anahatakatkin's Five states of the creative process. What do I think?

3. Can you be living a creative life if you are not creating? (OK, this one really needs to be worked on!)

4. Publicly committing to taking more pictures. Nothing like telling the world you're going to do something to make the guilt set in. Or, why do commitments to others rank higher than commitments to ourselves?

5. Plans for the next quarter. What I hope to accomplish and where I hope to be by the end of the year.

6. Day of the Dead art. I'm going to an exhibit at the Oakland Museum on this; the post will follow soon after.

7. Turning wool sweaters into cute handbags. The handbag is done, I just need to write it up. (and it's so cute!)



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