Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Artist's SocNet Toolbox. What should be in it?

Chris Brogan wrote a great article detailing a number of the social media tools available for us to use. He suggested that we all assemble our own toolkits based upon how we use the internet and what we wish to accomplish. I posted his list and tweaked it a bit to become my personal.

Then I realized that this list isn't necessarily that helpful for the artist/crafter. I know there are important tools that we need that did not make this list and tools on the list that are not that important to us:

pre-existing communities like those that exist in Ravelry and Craftster.

Commercial sales sites like Etsy.

Link accumulators (I suppose delicious would fit.. but is sk*rt better?

Other tools might be less helpful at the moment. Do we need mobile blogging and communications?

If you are an Artist or Crafter, what tools do you currently carry in your toolkit? Which tools are missing that you wish you had?

(early draft for an article on BlogHer)

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