Sunday, January 13, 2008

Inspiration Makes Me Bitchy.. Please Deal.

I began today with not much emotion at all, which, I'm choosing to believe, means I was relatively happy. Not smiling like an idiot happy; but content and in need of little outside my control. Maybe content would be the better word, but I'm sticking with happy.

There was no big reason for my contented happiness. My clothes were soft and comfortable. My belly was fed. I had friends online I was in touch with. I have this idea. Life was simple and good and on a Sunday morning, that's about all I can ask of it.

Then I started thinking again.

Everywhere I look lately, people are talking about giving themselves a break, being kinder to themselves, trying to watch their negative self-talk. I blogged about his just the other day and inspired Maria Niles to wrote about it with BlogHer post: Putting Your Own Oxygen Mask on First. It's a good article. Go read it.

I have an idea to encourage folks to be kinder to themselves. And to share in a community with others. Get support and reinforcement.

It would require a website (or at first at least a new blog), a registered domain name, lots of online PR, some outlay of cash. Time. I don't have any understanding of the technical part and was feeling a bit frustrated about wanting this to happen now and not being able to do it myself. Also, I don't really feel like I can take the time learn (how?? is the big question...) without my losing passion for the idea and it passing the world by.

I don't want that to happen.

I want this happen RIGHT NOW. Not that I'm an impulsive, results-oriented control-freak person or anything! Well, I am, but I'm trying to learn about the journey...

This frustration manifested itself in me with a major case of the bitchies! Bitchies are not fun for myself or anyone around me, whether in real life or cyber life. They also don't get the work done. A hard work out at the gym didn't help either (I'm bitchier since coming home. So not what I wanted!)

However, I have a couple people are stepping in to provide some of the help I need. Now I'm not quite as stressed and bitchy as I was. I sometimes need to warn others and myself that I hold the world to high standards and am so disappointed when the world lets me down. When I let me down. When others let me down. I need to give the world a break, starting with me.

If you want to get involved, please email me and we can talk more.

I also blog at: Deb's Daily Distractions and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.

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