Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Communities Build By the Web: Hello Spiders

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Spiders is a face-to-face knitting group that is connected online. As they explain:
In April of 2005, two friends and knitters attended a Yarn Harlot book event in New York City and met a few friendly knitters. Those knitters realized they all had knitting blogs, and connecting through wonder of the internet, met up with a few other knit-bloggers at a Teva Durham book event. That small group decided to start knitting together on Fridays at The Point. We'd bring a friend now and then and the group would get a little bigger. A Husband-of-a-Knitter called us The Spiders (we knit and we're on the web - duh!) and the name stuck.

Since that Spring of 2005, through more chance encounters, friendly introductions, and the beauty of the knit-blog community, our little knitting group has blossomed into a circle of friendship. We are proud of the way our group of friends has grown organically through existing friendships and our blogs. While we came together to knit, we now come together as friends.

There are 21 Spider's blog listed at the site. Check them out!

An Abundance of Lisa blogged about the Spiders recent annual trip to Marie's. While they were there, each member swapped one hand-knit sock with another. The photo showing a circle of pointy-toed, sock-happy feet in a variety of colors is fabulous!

Blue Garter is a charter member who now lives in Portland, Or. Which means, she missed the trip to Brooklyn, but took her own trip to Madrona and a class with Nancy Bush (who writes fabulous books about knitting socks). I [heart] Nancy Bush's work and thus love this description:
Nancy is just as enlightened and patient and down-to-earth as you might imagine, and she is also taller. Picture a towering benevolent queen in sensible neutrals with pockets conveniently located for stowing balls of yarn, radiating a halo of knitterly wisdom through the yarnovers of her exquisite cobweb of an Estonian lace shawl. Add spectacles and an abundance of woolen-spun hair the color of her skirt. I didn’t bring my camera, so that will have to suffice.
Gleek.net has the full run-down of the Spiders get together.

Methinks there are a couple physics majors in the crowd. Why?

Physicsknits is one clue. Read about the two patterns she has published in the Spring issue of Interweave Knits.

Then there is Schrodinger Knits. Which makes me think about Schrodinger's Cat... but I don't see anything about quantum mechanics on her blog, so maybe it's just me. But Schrodinger (the knitter) did let the cat out of the bag about how this group organized their exchange. I had never heard of this site before, so I'm sharing: Elfster. I may just have to organize a gift exchange so I can play here!

It's fun to read about real life groups that share their togetherness on the web. This next weekend, I'll be out of town with my f2f group and writing about the experience next week. Imagine me "unconnected" for the better part of 4 days!

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