Monday, February 04, 2008

Tee Shirt Teaser

I know.

Don't faint.

I'm going to be writing about quilting. (but not my own).

My friend, Roberta Deluz, has written a book that will be published by C&T this month. And I'm thinking this is a book that many of you may want in your library. Why? Roberta can help you design a t-shirt quilt that doesn't look like all dull, boring t-shirt quilts we've been making low these many years. The book is called: Terrific Tees

The photo here is a detail of her first T-shirt quilt which contained a number of shirts won during years of doing the Bay to Breakers race. Yeah, Roberta is a little compulsive. She designed and appliqued all those SF scenes... and pieces all those variable flying geese. But don't let that scare you away from the book.

Take a look at the preview page from her book. Those quilts on the right hand side:

The purple one with the hearts is a fund-raiser quilt for the RELAY FOR LIFE. Roberta makes and raffles off a quilt every year during the race; this was one. There are (I think) 6 t-shirts in there, but they blend with the piecing perfectly. Don't they?

The dark blue square quilt? T-shirts from a boy's time in softball.

The black one with her "signature" "insane amount of appliqued feathers border"? Commemorates years spent at Cotton Patch's now defunct Brown Avenue Quilt Show.

Wouldn't making a quilt with design be so much nicer than simply sewing together squares of t-shirt fabric and having to tie it? The book will be available after 2/14/08. Go bug your LQS to order it. I've seen it... it's fabulous.

oh, and no.. I do not have a quilt in the book, but I am working on a quilt based upon her technique.

Image credit: C&T Publishing,

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