Wednesday, February 06, 2008


intention for the day: Avoid distractions. Fine-tune Focus.

I've noticed that much of my day can be determined by my mood the instant I awake.

The days that I wake clear-headed, excited about some project, just plain happy - those are the days that unroll at least the way I envision them or better.

The days that I wake tense, tenuous, fuzzy-brained - those days I struggle to find words, find focus, be productive at all. The day struggles along in fits and starts that accomplish little.

I'm starting to recognize those days and create plans ahead of time to deal with them. If I'm lucky, I can spend those days cleaning up, winding up projects. There are times when there isn't any choice: I must do bookkeeping, writing, or some detail work. Then I break the job down into very small segments of time.

Often a period of good aerobic exercise will increase concentration times. So a long stint on the elliptical (and some weight training for focus) is in my plan this morning.

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