Sunday, February 24, 2008

Links for 2/24./08

A quick post with a couple links you might totally enjoy:

I spent almost an hour yesterday scrolling through the archives at On My Desk. This is group blog where artists share photos of their work. Quite literally: if you are an artist, what's on your desk? Curiosity with a touch of voyeurism.

BlogHer Fashion editor Susan Wagner suggested this week that one major fashion mistake many people make is to look too plain. She suggested that we dress up our t-shirt and jeans with a distinctive "signature" piece of jewelry. This knitted beaded cuff is on my shortlist of signature pieces to make.

But first... I've got the keys picked out; I've melted the holes in them. I have to make a necklace similar to this one! Except mine will dangle from a leather cord.

Finally, for your Oscar-night entertainment, you can print out your own ballot, vote early and see if you agree with the Academy.

I also blog at: Deb's Daily Distractions and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.

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