Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brief Update

#1. My legs haven't died and given up the ghost on me. I'm please.

#2. I was volunteering right around the wall from where Steph spoke. Did I remember to check my watch so I could watch her? Nope.

#3. Never found Garth and his paint ball project.

#4. Saw a little fire, but most of it was going to happen after the sun set. When I left after 7pm, I was already getting chilly and sunset was an hour away. I missed most of the fire (pout).

#5. Met some new people, saw some old acquaintances. None of the folks I expected to.

#6. The guys who run "Play.Make.Day".. basically a giant room with stuff where kids and families can come a create to their hearts content? They want me back next year as one of their volunteers.

#7. I liked the entire day.

#8. I didn't eat well or enough or drink enough water, but I survived.

#9. I timed it to avoid all traffic jams on the drive both ways.. and got there early enough that I didn't have to pay for parking. W00T!

#10. I'll be there next year. Look for a mention to put it on your calendar.

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