Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting a vision on creativity

I had lunch with two creative friends of mine yesterday. We ate Thai, talked, and did a very little economic stimulation. Most of the time, we caught up on what each of us has done since our last lunch.

I admit that I have done very little creatively. And that I still walk into my workroom and almost immediately feel the need to walk out.

The room is light (when the lights are on), is relatively organized, has clear work surfaces. I just don't have any desire. No heat, no hope, no vision.

And when pushed, I had to admit that part of it may be my one (unfixable) vision problem. The muscles that adjust your sight from close to distance and my lens are just very slow to change from one to the other. When I focus on something at a closer distance (like this computer screen, or my sewing machine or a book), I lose the ability to re-adjust to seeing clearly at a distance for some period of time. It's become almost an hour.

I have closeup glasses set at a 24" focal point that make it easier to work at this distance. Still, when that work is over, the blurry vision lasts. If I can engage in a task that keeps me at one focal distance or the other, then I'm fine. The switching is the killer.

So I can sew, but not really put things on a design wall and see them. I can sew, but not necessarily find a tool. I can sew, but then can't cut or press clearly.

The problem has gotten worse over the last 2-3 years. The eye doctors now know that it's a mechanical problem, so it's not fixable by lenses or surgery. It's just the way it is.

So now I look at activities different. This may be why I'm considering concentrating on dyeing, painting, surface design of clothing and home dec. That I can do at the distance focal range (I think) and not have to alternate much between close work and distance.

I said it quickly at lunch, without thinking much about it. But I think I may have hit the nail on the head.

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