Monday, May 05, 2008

Wrap-up and Make Me Giggle!

Hey, I'm slaving away on my post about Maker Faire. I wish I had had the technology (read phone) to blog it while I was there, because by the time I got home it all faded into a blur of people and cool things. I'm checking other people's blogs to remind what I did.

In the meantime, how about this tasty little wrap up post I did for BlogHer on Saturday? Refashioned sweater (just like what they were doing at the Maker Faire Swaparama), a clever decorating idea with cheap frames and whatever cool stuff you have around the house (from Betty, who I was supposed to meet up with at Maker Faire)! Looblylu's Friday Archives sounds like something we could all grow to love! And today begins Virginia Spiegel's Collage Mania! Check it all out.

I intentionally left Angry Chicken's clock to mention here. I LOVE her non-traditional icons used for the hours. I Love her husband's reaction about half-past soup. And I'm going to challenge you: Check out her clock and find your best reaction to an icon. Leave a comment here with your wittiest reaction. The one that tickles my funny bone the most will win a small prize. Come on, now.. put on those thinking caps and make me giggle!

Now to the article, previous posted on BlogHer:
One Pearl Button wrote a wonderful tutorial on refashioning a sweater. In five quick steps she turned a stained pullover into a cute, embellished cardigan.
As I was getting dressed this morning, I thought "a yellow cardigan
would go perfectly with this outfit." Unfortunately, I don't have one.
Then, an old yellow pullover caught my eye. I used to love this
sweater, but I haven't worn it since I spilled soy sauce down the front
(I'd like to say that I'd had too much sake, but honestly, I spill
stuff on myself all the time). It has probably been over a year since I
last wore it. I grabbed it, did some quick alterations, and threw it on
to run errands with Nate. I love getting new clothes that aren't
actually new at all!
Angry Chicken posted photos of a great clock using small, non-traditional images for the numbers. Her husband's reaction: "Now we can say it's half-past soup." which looks like supper time, to me. Mine? Like a clock that tells me it's "wine bottle hour." Comments on this post continued to show how each person found meanings in the images. How many different meanings could you apply?

Inexpensive frames are used for ever-changing decor in Bitter Betty's house.

Frames without glass come cheap, Homosote board (noise dampening fiber board) bigger than your car is 10.00 and batting and fabric tend to be spilling out of the craft cave.. . .It takes about 25 minutes and a box knife, straight edge and a staple gun to make these. . . .Grab those frames! Make yourself a gallery of delights. Just buy every little print you see on etsy and change them out weekly.
The Friday Archives is a new weekly feature for Loobylu and Claire is encouraging any crafters/artists to join in. First, check out her archived "if my life were a romantic comedy" comic in two parts. Then consider joining the fun:
I have started this thing where every Friday I post some work
(illustration, art work, craft, writing) from my past and I invite you
to play along. This week I’ve even made a button.
Virginia Spiegel kicks off this week next week with Collage Mania 08. While this is the newest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, Virginia's Fiberart for a Cause has raised over $150,000 in the last several years. This year's two day art-aquisition-fest offers 235 collages created by over 100 artists. Instead of the auction Virginia's run in the past, these collages are offered on a first-come-first served basis. The minimum donation for a piece on Monday is $80; Tuesday it drops to $40.. but will your favorites still be there?

I also blog at: Deb's Daily Distractions and BlogHer on Mondays and Saturdays.

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