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A Day In the Life Of...

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We are all voyeurs to an extent. We read blogs to learn about people who are like us but different, different but so-much-the-same, different and we-cannot-imagine. Without back story, human nature will fill in gaps based upon the familiar. That's why I am so enjoying a new feature at Robyn Chachula's Crochet by Faye: A Day in the Life.

Robyn decided to share: Nothing earth-shattering, just a day in the life of this...
Structural Engineer- Crochet Designer- Wife- Crafter- Dog Owner- Daughter- Friend- Me

The start of Robyn's day has a familiar ring to it:
6:00am- Turn over and look at the clock. Poke the hubbie that we agreed that today we were going to get up and start walking the puppy in the morning again now that his ankle is better.
7:30am- Actually wake up. Agreed with the hubbie that we will start tomorrow walking again, well, if it's not raining...
We learn about her boss, her new book and a little about being a structural engineer. Since Robyn works in the restoration of old buildings, she often has to create the plans herself, as any that may have existed are long gone.
This one has one plan, yes only one plan, for the 12 story, 110 apt. building. Hey, I take what I can get.
At the end of the post, Robyn invited others who are inspired by her post to write their own Day in the Life. Several of her crochet designer friends took her up on the challenge.

Kim Werker, editor for Interweave Crochet, posted a typical weekend day, then bravely posted her work day! Kim does much of her editing work from home; this day, she edits patterns for the Summer issue:
9:30: Start second-round editing of pattern PDFs. Our summer issue is going to press next Wednesday, the 14th, and we’re in the home stretch. At this point, each pattern has been edited several times by several different people. Up to the point that I arrive in Colorado next week, I’ll be scrutinizing PDFs—mostly for wee details like commas and typos, but very occasionally for an “Oh man, if we change this and that it will be so much easier to understand!”
Next, Amie, a teacher and crochet designer, shares her day:
My average day lately involves less of crochet than I’d like to admit. I’m juggling a lot of hats right now between my website, filing for trademark, being a school teacher, managing (organizing) our studio build in the basement, doing freelance graphic design, and just brainstorming/planning for other things (including a wedding…some day). This was my day this past Friday.

Tuesday it was Mary Beth Temple's turn. She is an author and host of Getting Loopy on BlogTalk Radio. Her day begins and end thinking about fiber:
7:00 am - the alarm goes off - first the Kid's and then mine. Neither of us are particularly happy about getting up early, but there you have it - until there is a local middle school that opens at noon we do the best we can. During the getting ready process I make the first check on all my emails - the writer one, the radio show host one, the knitting book author one, and zip over to to see where The Secret Language of Knitters is, ranking wise. Sulk or jump for joy accordingly. I am going to do that approximately 1200 more times today, and may even check on other knitting books to see where I am in comparison at that moment. I am not going to cop to that here, on my official schedule. But I can waste some serious minutes that way...

11:00 pm - go to bed. Decide to crochet just a little bit more before I go to sleep to try to get ahead...11:02 and a half - pass out cold.

2:00 am - dream of yarn.... realize I am sleeping on pointy crochet hook. Throw it to the floor even though I know I will spend fifteen minutes looking for it tomorrow - go back to sleep.

This is just the start. Robyn initially set out a schedule for the whole week filled with the details of crochet designers' days. Then this idea began spreading through the blogs like a meme!

Other takes on A Day in the Life Of...

Tania del Rio draws My Poorly Drawn Life, and posted her "Hourly Comic Day! 2008". Yeah.. this happened back in February and Tania didn't post it until April.. but DO appreciate the talent it takes to draw about every hour in a day.

Coincidentally, Mike Rhode, archivist for the National Museum of Health and Medicine, chose this week to document how he spent part of his day as an archivist.

I'll be documenting my Sunday and posting it here on Monday. If you'd like to join the fun, leave a comment with a link to your Day in the Life post below so we can follow.
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